Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Will the Post Office Deliver Crayon Mail!? Part-1 &2

It all started one fall day while coming home from work. As I started to open the front door of our home, I would find 4 or 5, folded sheets of paper out on the steps. I wondered who was trashing the front porch. I found out that Sarah, 4 at the time would scribble a stamp, an address, fold the paper in half and toss it out on to the front porch for the mailman to pick up. It was written in green, red or blue crayon and normally had a heart inside. Sarah believed that if she tossed her mail out of the front door, the mailman would pick it up. Wouldn't it be great to scribble a crayon stamp on a letter and toss it out and the mailman picks it up? Well, Sarah seems to think so from watching us do the mail, however she didn't completely understand the concept. I enjoyed coming home finding Sarah's, crayon mail on the porch. It was very cute and sweet but hard to read.

Will the Post Office Deliver Crayon Mail!? Part 2
For about a week, I kept finding crayon mail at the front door. I decided to show Sarah how to mail a letter. I went through a simple process and pointed to the mail box up the drive as the place you put the mail for the mailman to pick up. She listened as intently as a 4 year old could. The next day was Saturday and I decided to go to the gym and workout, leaving Sarah, her older sister Callie, and Karen my wife at home. As I drove up the drive, I could see a little, red headed girl, with a white, folded piece of paper in her hand and she was headed to the mailbox across the road. It was Sarah. Ahhhhhh! Imagine, your 4 year old is about to cross the street by themselves. I became frantic, visualizing in my mind what could happen. I zoomed up the drive as fast as I could in hopes of getting there before she crossed. I was blessed and I made it. I screamed out loudly, "STOP". Sarah stopped before crossing and I pulled up next to her. She looked up with big eyes, and a tear starting to form. I asked "What Are You Doing!" She said "I am mailing my letters like you showed me."

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