Friday, April 27, 2012

The Finest Neighbors in the Woods.

We live in the ten acre woods and have lots of neighbors. I thought I would let you meet some of the finest neighbors in the world. They sometimes come by and visit, but like good neighbors, they don't stay too long.
Here's Racky the Raccoon, peeping in the backdoor. My wife thinks Racky is a bit of a peeping Tom. Speaking of Tom, Tom the Turkey stopped by for a snack.

Tom really strut's his stuff on most days, but this was Thanksgiving and Tom wanted to be alone for some reason?

Oh yeah, we have a house guest named Ring Neck the snake. Old Ring Neck only stayed a little while because he made the wife and teenagers nervous. I had to show Ring Neck the door after brooms were drawn. Too bad Ring Neck!

Some guests visit at night like Polly the possum. Polly was born in Tennessee and for some reason is attracted to orange. Go figure. Hmmmm... really why is this Possum on an orange blanket? Because he kicked Freckles the Feral cat, that my wife feeds, from his sleeping quarters in order to get to the food. Some guest are just like pigs. 

Ah, here's Fred the Fox. He's a little sneaky neighbor that likes to come by for a free meal. 

Last but not least, Dolly the Deer looking beautiful near the salt block.

.......and that's the end of the finest neighbors in the ten acre woods! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Wild Ride

This is not my usual story about the outdoors, but one that I will always remember.  It all started when I allowed my sixteen year old to drive home from school. She has her learners permit and has been driving for the last four months, in fact so much that I had gotten comfortable with her driving. 

All was going well until we pulled into our driveway. We slowed to stop at the gate so I could get out and unlock it. As I was unlatching my seatbelt, the vehicle lurched forward into the gate and then crashed through, flinging both gates wide open. My SUV, which I call Goldilocks, hit the gate so hard the master lock bust open and was tossed in the air. 

I didn’t have time to think because as we went through the gate, I could see we were headed straight for a Shag Bark Hickory. Quickly leaning over, I grabbed the steering wheel and turned it toward me while screaming put the brake on. Luckily, we narrowly missed the Shag Bark but now we were headed down a very steep hollow that would easily put Goldilocks in a roll over. 
Again, I pushed the steering wheel to turn Goldilocks back up to the driveway while yelling “put the break on.” Now, we were headed back toward the drive and fast. My last thought was to grab the emergency brake which was in the middle of the console, but before I did, my sixteen year old finally put on the brake and we came to a halt. It took a moment for both of us to realize what just happened. As I looked at her, I could see eyes as big as a saucers welling up with tears. “I’m sorry, sorry, I hit the gas.” I said “We are lucky no one was hurt. This is a learning experience to make you a better driver, always remember it.” 
I got out and surveyed the damage. Goldilocks didn't look too bad, just a few scraps that will need repair, but I will need a new gate.
I got back in, put Goldilocks in 4-wheel drive and drove back in the drive. The sixteen year old hasn’t driven since, but I plan on getting her back behind the wheel soon. I’m not sure how Goldilocks is going the feel about it, but I'll take her to the car wash and give her a sponge bath and she will feel better.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you kiss your Bait?

This may be my most favorite cartoon. See more of my cartoons at Also, don't kiss your bait! Enjoy!

Remember to get away from the big screen and get on a big stream! 
Hey, if you are a lake, river or bay lover checkout my decor maps at

Monday, April 16, 2012

First Fishing Trip of Spring!

A few weeks ago, I went on my first fishing trip of the year. My buddy Buttermilk and I went to a small lake near my home called Greenbrier Lake. It's only about 100 acres, but it's a great lake for kayak fishing.  Occasionally you may catch a nice bass.

The lake has a few resident beavers that go on their normal routine, even if folks are fishing near.  

Here you can see Buttermilk fishing hard using Trout Magnet as bait. It works for bass and brim, too.

Bang, Buttermilk sets the hook! Could it be a big Bass?

Nope, just a small brim.

Nevertheless, it's a fish.

Not a bad day of fishing for the first time of the year. We did catch a few brim and a couple of small bass. 
Hey, remember to get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My fishing trip to Paris (no kidding)

Several years back, I was lake fishing near Paris with some of my buddy’s. I caught a good size fish and as I was taking the fish off, he flung the hook out of his mouth and into my hand. Startled, I jerked back setting a hook deep in my palm. My buddy’s looked at it and said “oh that’s going to leave a mark, yank it out and put some worm dirt on it and keep fishing.” I used pliers and a knife to try and remove the hook, but while trying, I almost hooked my other hand. I thought, great if that happens I’ll be handcuffed by bait.  Yep, I was greatly embarrassed, but that’s fishing, right? 

I decided it was going to take too much cutting to get it out, so off to Paris we went. When I arrived at the clinic there were other folks there. One had been on his tractor and a branch fell on him and another had been kicked by a cow. Oh yeah, I don’t want you to think that it was in the other Paris. It was Paris, Tennessee and the Henry County Medical Center because I was crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake. 
Anyway, in the exam room a new, young Doc walked in, looked at my hand and told the nurse to get the scalpel, we’ll cut it out. An older nurse told the young Doc, “around here I’ve never seen it done that way; most Doctors clip the hook to remove the lure. Then push the end of the clipped hook and the barb end will curve right back up and out with almost no scar.”  The young Doc took her advice and sure enough the hook came right out with no scar. Boy I’m thankful for nurses that speak up and young Doc’s that listen. Now, I know how to remove hooks the easier way, clip and push. Believe me; I will never forget that trip to Paris.  See my treasured lake maps at

Monday, April 2, 2012

Taking fishing too serious!

Here's one of my popular comics from A fisherman that's way too serious don't you think? 

Harriet the Egret

Here we have Harriet the Egret looking for a free meal. Harriet is a smart bird; she goes around to every door at Lemon Bay and peeps in. This is Harriet on her way.

Sometimes Harriet hits the birdie jack pot. This is like an all you can eat meal at the local greasy spoon.

Mmmm…… Roast Beef