Thursday, January 20, 2022

Elephant Butte

 This is Elephant Butte Lake....Ain't she pretty! She's all dressed up in her best frame and ready tyo meet her new lake house.....two feet by 4 feet and stunning.

Here's a photo of the Elephant Butte that the lake is named for. I think that it looks like the top of the elephant's head and it's body is submurged. 

I always add the local waterfowl flying over and a few fish jumping in the water. If you look chosely, you may find a tiny hidden mermaid swimming around. They say the children really enjoy hunting for her and are thrilled when they spot her in the waters. Oh yeah, some folks tell me that she moves, but I'm not sure that I believe that.

Most folks add a star to a special place on the lake such as a lake house or where they caught that big fish. I've been doing lake, river and bay maps for over ten years. Over the years, I have experimented with different elements of map art in order to provide the best and most unique map on the market. Folks will be drawn to the map like a crackling fire on a cold winter night.  I try very hard to make my maps special by adding interest to the maps. Paddle over to my website for more information: