Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Blue Spring!

Here is what's in my woods. What's in your woods? Get Out, and adventure outdoors! Spring is not always green. Here are some beautiful photos of blue. 
Indigo Bunting

Eastern Blue Bird

Great Blue Heron

Blue Jay

Robin Egg Blue

Remember: Whats in your woods, lake, river or bay? Adventure Outdoors.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Eight Person Kayak

This kayak can comfortably seat eight people. It’s approximately 32 feet long and weighs about 950 lbs with a capacity of 1750 lbs. Great for group fishing trips or if you just want to party, this kayak will fit the bill. Heck, you could take the whole family including your friends. The Kayak is limited to only one color, yellow. With an appropriate name like Bus-yak who would forget it. Oh boy, just think what your friends would think when you paddle up in the Bus-yak? "The Bus-yak glows."

You may have a few concerns about the Bus-yak.  Like, is the Bus-yak difficult to turn around on narrow waterways? This is not a problem. The engineers at Bus-yak solve this issue with swivel seats. Each seat will swivel 180 degrees, which allows for paddling in the opposite direction. There is no need to turn the Bus-yak around; it’s always pointed in the right direction. There is a warning about all parties swiveling around at the same time causing a rollover. With a little group coordination this problem is solved. Also, you may think that transporting Bus-yak may require a large vehicle due to its sheer size. On paper this does appear to be a fact, however with a little creativity the Bus-yak could probably be spanned and strapped between two Yugo’s and off you go. Can you imagine fishing on the Bus-yak with your family? Think of what fun you will have. It’s better than a Banana Boat ride in the ocean.

Then I woke up and realized that the Bus-yak was a dream. Whaaaaaaaaaaat! Dang, what have I been drinking. Remember: What’s in your woods, lake, river or bay? I hope it’s not a Bus-yak.    

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Propelling Story

When the first human, “Ug” entered the water he probably figured out that he could float on logs to sneak up on prey, catch fish or just have fun. The obvious next step was to propel and maneuver the log. "Ug" picked up a stick and used it as a way to propel and guide the log. The other members of the tribe must have been awed by this brilliance. The stick became the choice in which the tribe traveled the water ways. Unknowing to "Ug", this was a major breakthrough in watercraft propulsion.
Sometime later, "Ug" began to understand that the shape of the stick made a big difference in how well the log could be guided and propelled. The paddle was born. The paddle could be used to go up stream and into deeper water. Ug’s life was better, much better except when "Ug" was up a creek without his paddle.
After many, many years the outboard motor was born. To a very small degree, we all have Ug to thank for today’s outboard motor. I have a couple of antique outboards. One such motor is this 1946 Western Auto Wizard. It is model number WD-3 and is a neck snapping 3.2 hp. Before the war, the outboard motor wasn't too successful, however after the war the motor became as hot as an Ipad, well almost. 

Carl Kiekhaefer produced this outboard and later he became the founder of Mercury. The motor is not worth much, but I was thinking that maybe I can make it into a coffee table. Do you think it's too "Ug"ly? 

Hope you enjoyed! Remember: What's in your woods, river or lake? You have to get out to find out. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I BELIEVE I am the first person to actually get tangled up in the web, but I out smarted the spider. For the last few weeks I have been working my butt off on my web site which is about Lakes, Rivers, and Bays etc....  I know a little HTML and am pretty good with graphic programs so that helped; however I always exceed my abilities and that's where I got tangled up. I've made some major improvements and added a bunch of stuff. The colors I used are quiet dark but that makes the pictures pop. Please give me some feedback. You will find the address below. Thanks!  
Click the address above for a trip to my web site. Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake, or Bay." 

Friday, April 8, 2011

My attempt at making a fishing pole lamp.

I decided to make a trout fishing pole lamp. Why? I’m not sure why. I guess just because I can, well I think I can. To begin, I sketched out a design that I liked and then off to the home supply stores I went. I purchased an 18” round wood base, an 8’ foot long, ½ diameter tube, wood, ball, wire, a trout, a hot dog and coke. Oh yeah, I was hungry and ate the hot dog & drank the coke. I didn't eat the trout, it's wooded. I planned on using it as the big catch on the end of the pole. 

After a lot of sawing, trimming, bending, scratching my head and re-sawing, re-trimming and then assembling, it was finished. It actually works and it wasn't too hard to make. The electrical cord is hidden and runs inside of the pole which is a tube. What I like best about the lamp is that it bends over the chair to provide light on to whatever I am reading.  What do you think about the trout fishing pole lamp?    
Check it out! Click on it for a better view.

I added a red and white float and placed the light fixture on top. 

The reel is antique and I added the trout.

I think the base needs something. Maybe rocks? Hope yeah enjoy. Oh yeah, if you would love a beautiful decor map of your favorite lake, river, or bay, then check-out my website leolakes.com. Makes a treasured gift for the lake lover!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Birds doing human things?

Sometimes when you see birds you can just about understand what they are thinking. That is when you add the human element.

I'm so pretty! Check-out my new fish net hose and golden slippers. The boy's at the dock are going to die when they see this.

I wish I had hands. Have you ever tried to scratch your eye with a pitch fork?

Bummer, bird yoga is for the humans.

Quick, it's All You Can Eat Fish at the dock!

Motivation! Don't get all worked up about it! 

 "What's in your woods, lake, river or bay?"