Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I saw a rock and caught some rocks.

First things first, my annual fishing trip to the Aflac River turned out to be an exciting event. Now, this is not the real name of this river but you may be able to figure it out, if not, I will tell you later. Located in Middle Tennessee, this river flows into the Tennessee River and is a good river for fishing.
All rigged and ready to go. The recent rains have the river up a bit and the water is slightly dingy.
The fishing is cut short because I saw an interesting rock. I docked to investigate and hiked on the shore.
Check this fossil rock out. The round image is as large as a dinner plate. It appears to be 10" to 12" in diameter and is in sediment rock. I don't think I've ever seen any other fossil like this? 

This area was covered by a swallow ocean milllons of years ago. This petrified cirlce was probably a sea creature. It looks like a cross-section of a piece of coral. If this is correct, it would have been gaint coral and as large as trees. So, this is the rock that I saw.
Here is the rock I caught. Actually it is a Rock Bass also called a Redeye. A bit on the small side but very fun to catch.
It's no wonder they call these Redeye. They normally run under a pound, but can get a little larger.
I saw a lot of snakes on this trip, mostly Northern Water Snakes. I could not postively identifiy this beauty. In the last few years, this river has become loaded with Northern Water Snakes and I'm not sure why?
All good things must come to an end and so did this trip. Oh, by the way the name of this river is the Duck River. Remember: What's in your River, Lake, or Bay? Go find out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natures Fury

You never know what to expect from Mother Nature when Living in the Ten Acre Woods. Late last night we heard a big crash and discovered a tree branch had landed on the house. Luckily it didn’t do any major damage. This morning I went out and discovered some minor damage to the roof, a few broken stair treads and side rail. Also, it landed on the Direct TV Dish and we lost signal. It’s a very, very sad day when a man loses Satellite signal and the family is none too happy, either. I called Direct TV and they indicated that it will take until June 2nd to repair, sad, very, very sad.

Currently, I have chain sawed and removed the limb. I found that the Satellite is in better shape than expected, but it is misaligned. I worked to realign the Satellite and was successful. Now, everyone in the Ten Acre Woods is happy except for the squirrel that lost his nest. Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake or Bay. I know what's in mine, today! Get Up & Get Out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It was a Natural Phenomenon!

This is the completion of the last story named Un-natural Phenomenon. It is about who, what, and how was our drive edged? Now, I believe I know what did the edging. To begin, the moist leaves along the drive happened to be loaded with worms and grubs which would be a fine food source for many animals. It appears this animal did all the digging along side of the drive for the juicy protein that's available.
What animal did the job? Interesting, some might call the little fella a big celebrity. He represents the state proudly on many publications and can often be seen in the media. I actually got a few pictures of him near the drive at dusk yesterday. His title: The official animal of the Great State of Tennessee. Can you name him? 

It’s a Raccoon. Actually, we have three Raccoons that live very near our home in the ten acre woods and have spotted them digging in leaves. They will eat bread that we toss out and bird seed. Also, there are two opossums that live near among a host of other animals, but I am 99% sure it was a Raccoon that we call Davy Crockett. Davy Crockett has been coming by since December. You know, I think he is still upset by that coon skin cap incident in the 1800s. Hee Hee! 
Davey the Raccoon loves old bread.
He lives in a downed tree that is near our drive. We normally see him around dusk. 
We feed a stray cat that comes around and Davey will steal the cat food. 
Davey munching on cat food right outside the back door!
Davey the Raccoon may be a Peeping Tom? Speaking of Tom's, our turkeys rake our leaves. 
Just think, we have a Raccoon that will edge the drive! We have Turkey's that rake leaves.
Now, If I could only train the deer to mow the yard, I would be set! This is Life in the ten acre woods, hope you enjoyed. Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake, or Bay? Get Outdoors!  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Un-natural Phenomenon

When living in the woods things happen that can't always be explained. Lately while in the ten acre woods, I have noticed that our drive appears to have been edged. I know that I didn’t edge the drive, but who did? I posed the question to wifey and she said she thought I did because of the debris left on the drive. Ha Ha! Anyway, I know the kids didn’t do the work. It appears we have a mystery. Who, what or why edged the drive? Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the actual event as it happened; however, here is the work in process.  Look closely as you may be able to draw some conclusions.

If you are a true outdoorsman or outdoorswoman you may be able to make an educated guess to what actually edged the drive. Take a guess and write it in the comments if you like. In the next few days I will reveal what I believe happened with pictures. Good Luck. Remember: What's in your River, Lake, Bay or Woods! Get up & Find Out.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Laze Bob Kayak Company

Laze Bob Kayak Company! The only Recliner Rocker Kayak. "It is your daddy kayak". Hee Hee! Just having fun. Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake or Bay. Get up and Find out! Don't be a Laze Bob.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buffalo Jam!

I have eaten blackberry jam, been in a traffic jam, been to a music jam, had toe jam, and been through a big jam , but never have I been in Buffalo Jam. What is Buffalo Jam? Well, it's kind of like Bear Jam but there's a lot more of it. I must say, the kids liked it and you know how picky kids are.  If you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park you may understand Buffalo Jam. 

Two years ago we went to Yellowstone for a long vacation and I learned what makes Buffalo Jam. Instead of me explaining it to you, I will just let the picture show you Buffalo Jam. 
As you can see, a Great Buffalo Jam occurred in Yellowstone. About 40-50 Buffalo crossed the road and stopped traffic. This was our first Buffalo Jam and it lasted about 30 mins. I learned that Buffalo are sloooooow. This begs the question: Why did the Buffalo cross the road?   
Perhaps to get away from a Cougar, a Ram, or a Jaguar that were lined up down the road. Any way, put Yellowstone National Park on your bucket list. This park is the Disney World of National Parks. Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake, or Bay! Get up & Find Out! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

SNAKE in the house!

That’s right, a snake got in the house. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen about to prepare Manicotti and I noticed our cat, Storm Trooper, was interested in something under the sofa. I was not too concerned because Stormy Trooper often plays cat and mouse with his fake mouse. But all of a sudden, something caught my eye. Was that a snake?  
Nope, it couldn’t be, I thought. I walked over to investigate and slithering from under the sofa a SNAKE. Storm Trooper was in hot pursuit. For a second I jumped, but I’m not frightened of snakes, especially small snakes. Now at the beginning of this story, I didn’t say it was a big snake, but a snake in the house is still a big deal. The first thing I thought was catch the cat, the Manicotti must wait and I need pictures. Storm trooper was nabbed and placed in Star Wars prison. 
I found the camera and took pictures of the snake to prove it was in the house. The snake is a Ringneck Snake and is harmless so I decided to do my Crocodile Hunter impression and capture the snake, which I did and it was fun. I used the vacuum cleaner and sucked him up, No I didn’t, just kidding. I was a man and caught the little fellow by hand. 

Quickly, I formulated a plan to play a joke on the family. I placed the snake in a bowl, placed the bowl on the counter near the Manicotti and waited till my girls and wife came home (9th ,12th, 30th graders) Hee Hee.
Not too long later, they came home and walked into the kitchen to fill their plates with Manicotti. I waited in another room so as not to give the joke away.  In about a minute or two there was a BIG scream, “Ahhhh, there’s something moving in that bowl! It’s a SNAAAAKE.”
Lucky for me no Manicotti hit the ceiling, but almost.  My little joke was successful and I realize my girls added another fond memory. I now call my pasta, Ringneck Manicotti.  The snake was not harmed and was safely released back in to the Great American Outdoors. I think I even heard him say “thanks it was fun” as he slithered away. You may ask: How did the snake get into the house in the first place?  Simple, we live in a western cedar house in the woods. The animals think our home is a tree and treat it as such. Woodpeckers peck holes in it, Carpenter Bee’s eat wood from it, Birds try to nest in it, Blue Tail Skinks like to live in it, Hornets like to swam it, Snakes try to get in it, Wolf Spiders like to travel through it, Ants try to find food in it and I TRY TO SEAL IT.  It’s kind of like living in a big tree in the middle of the woods, but a lot more fun. One of these day’s I will tell you about the Blue Tailed Skink that got in the bed with wifey, Hee Hee. I hope you enjoyed. Remember: What’s in your Woods, River, Lakes or Bay! Get Up & Find Out!   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Blue Heron Fly Company?

A funny fictitious Fly Company? The Great Blue Heron Fly Company, "What's plucked today, is flies tomorrow." I must say, very fresh. HeeHeeHee! I hope you enjoyed, just having fun! Remember: What's in your Woods, River, Lake, or Bay? Get out and find out.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ghost Hawk!

A few days ago I was driving down a country road and a big hawk nose-dived from a tree and crossed in the front of my SUV. The hawk pounced on something on the left side of the road. I slowed and quickly pulled out my camera as the hawk was flying back across the road and snapped the picture. As you can see, I apparently missed the hawk. Dang, I was sure I got the shot. Oh well, it's my Ghost Hawk. 

Anyway, as I was searching the photo for the Hawk I discovered an interesting picture of foliage. Can you see what I see and I did not photo shop. Mother natures camouflage art. It's funny what you can find in the background of photos. Could this be Bambi?

This deer did not turn out to be a ghost deer. We have a salt block near our house and it draws deer and other animals near so I can take a few photos. This morning I took this photo of a Deer near the salt block.  If you look closely you will see two buttons near his ears.
See Deer

See Deer Run

I had planned on taking a few more pictures of this deer, however plans don't always work out when taking photos of wildlife. Enjoy and remember: What's in your woods, lake, river, or bay. Get out! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seminole Lake

The beautiful Seminole Lake is located in the southwest corner of Georgia. The Chattahoochee and Flint rivers flow together into Lake Seminole and the Apalachicola River. Seminole Lake holds the state record for Sunshine Bass; 16 lbs 5 oz. What is a Sunshine Bass?
Here is the information from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission,Sunshine bass were first produced in Florida by state hatcheries, and all sunshine’s are still produced and stocked. This is because they are a hybrid of a female white bass and male striped bass that does not occur naturally. Sunshine’s often have broken stripes on the front half and straight lines on the rear half of the body. Other fish in the Lake Seminole include Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Pickerel, Catfish, and Striped Bass among other species. Also, you may see an American Alligator swimming in the waters along with snakes and much waterfowl.See more river, lake and bay maps at  www.leolakes.com

Monday, May 2, 2011

What is a fishionista?

A fishionista is one who is so worried about what to wear fishing that he or she forgets that it’s about fishing. These folks didn’t all of a sudden become this way. It’s been a slow process and is likely a result of the high fashion industry attempt to tell the fisherman what to wear. I am sure they have already coined the word fishion, which means fishing fashion to the layman.

It’s just not right to wear a Fedora on a fishing trip and I don’t care how fished-up it is which means the same thing as man up, but in a fishy way. In an opposite kind of way it would be like wearing a camoflauged safari hat to a luncheon at the Trump Tower in New York. Those folks would certainly give you the look of disgust or maybe even call security, that is, if they let you in.  

A fishing hat should be  based on function and not fashion. It’s real simple. A good fishing hat should keep the sun and rain off of our head and face. Most fishing hats are repurposed hats such as ball caps, cowboy hats, or hats accessorized with fishing lures etc….. which is fine.  True, there are a few hats that have been modified in an attempt to become “the fishing hat” like the modified ball cap with curtains hanging around the back perimeter. This is a good function for keeping the sun off the neck because you certainly don’t want to be a red neck, right? However, too much function is not good either. Like when a 2 foot brim is added to the front of the hat.  This added shade function gives the hat an Elmer Fudd look, not good.

This got me to thinking. How bad has the high fashion industry infiltrated the fishing industry? How many Fedoras’ are being worn? To find out, I preformed my own un-scientific study of fishing hats using popular fishing magazines as a guide to gather totally useless information.  I counted/categorized every hat pictured in the most popular fishing magazines to determine the most worn fishing hat. Folks that were not wearing hats or were wearing knit caps were not counted.  I must say, I have discovered some interesting results. All fishing hats are repurposed or modified hats such as the ball cap or cowboy hat that became a fishing hat. There appears to be no totally designed hat that is exclusively for the fisherman. Hmmmm, a design opportunity?

A total 279 fisherman were pictured. The results indicate:
90% wore a BALL CAP, a great do everything hat that can be turned backwards in windy conditions.
5% wore a SAFARI HAT, a good hat with a 360 degree brim and a tie for holding down in the wind.
3% wore a COWBOY HAT, fair, good hat in full sun, but not so good in windy conditions.
1% wore a BALL CAP W/CURTAINS, as good as the ball cap but added sun protection with the curtains.
>1% wore a FEDORA, a useless fishing hat.

Good news, the results seem to indicate that fishermen still put function above fashion and were not swayed by the high fashion industry, whew. I do not look forward to the day when I put my designer waders on and ask my wife if they make my butt look big or I over hear someone say: Wow, he’s wearing the latest Tommy Gun’s Fish Wear. So, come on folks Fish-up and DON’T BECOME A FISHIONISTA.