Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The hottest lure for 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch big fish like no one esle! Here's a great new plug "guaranteed" to catch more fish, Pete's Paranormal Plug. Pete says this plug will increase your BIG FISH catch by 50-60% and here's why. Have you ever been on the lake or river and heard a big splash only to look out on to the water and see nothing, not even a ripple. That was a ghost fish!

Now with Pete's Paranormal Plug you have a shot at catching that trophy. Just cast Pete's Paranormal Plug as you would your normal lure. If there's a paranormal fish present you will catch it, just hang on for an experience of a life time.

CAUTION: Don't forget to click on the Plug above and read the fine print. Here's a comment from one of our customers: Boy, I fished all day and didn't get a bite and then I put one of Pete's plugs on my line. WOW....WOW.....WOW, what a difference. I am still RECOVERING in the hospital!!!!! Pete says this plug will catch all types of paranormal fish, Bass, Rainbow, Brown, Catfish, Rockfish, and others. Guess what? Currently there's no limit on the number of paranormal fish you can catch however, we recommend that you practice catch and release because.......well you'll find out. You can only get Pete's Paranormal Plug here and it's on special......Buy one, get one for the same price. You gotta get one or two!

Here's a photo of Pete working hard on his next development.
Oh yeah, as you can see or better..... can't see, Pete is Paranormal too.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beavers don't just build dams!

I guess this is what’s called Beaver Graffiti? Look what they’ve built down at the creek. These are some deadbeat beavers. Just think, Mother Nature will need to work overtime and clean this up.
Dang Beavers!
Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goldilocks Retired!

Do you love your SUV? Goldilocks is my 1999 SUV and has been in the family for 12 years. She's been my fishing buddy, kayak hauling, camping partner and all around family mover. After 248,317 miles, its time to retire Goldilocks. Over the years, she has become a loved family member much like a pet. Goldilocks has been with us on many an outdoor adventure, from the Everglades to Yellowstone and even Canada.
Both kids learned to drive under Goldilocks watchful eye, keeping them safe, even when one crashed her through a gate. I've been babying her along for the last few years because I haven't found a new vehicle that I liked better, "Goldilocks is just right". Well, the time has come! So long Goldilocks, its been great!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Custom Lake Paintings

Have you ever wished that you had a decor map of that little lake you live or grew up on. Well maybe not, but there are a few people that really treasure those small lake gems. Here's one such lake, Suncook Lake in New Hampshire located just below Lake Winnipesakee.
Most folks personalize these lakes by adding photos, poems, cherished locations and special notes, which is the plan for this map. The best part of painting these little lakes is talking to the customer about personalizing their treasured map. You can feel the love for the lake as they discuss those golden memories and how to display them on the map.

I too have a special lake (actually a river), in fact, that is how I started painting rivers, lakes and bays. If you are a lake lover or need a gift for a lake lover, and want to create a family heirloom, then checkout my website at www.LeoLakes.com


Monday, February 11, 2013


I just couldn't resist one last cartoon on DAE (Deer Antler Extract). Hopefully this is the last cartoon on that subject. Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream, or at least put one on your wall. Checkout some big streams at www.leolakes.com

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Memories

This great blue heron is probably thinking,"Maybe I should try artificial bait."  I painted this back in 2007 and use it for the topper image on this blog. 
The original painting has long been sold to a contractor in Alabama to hang in his office. What do you think drew him to this picture? He said "it was the lure. When I was younger, I had a lure just like the one in the painting. I caught many fish with that lure. After seeing it in the painting, good memories flooded back."
I too had a lure like this one when I was a kid, in fact I used it as the model for the painting. I remember catching  lots of fish on the Duck River with it. I guess you could say that I paint good memories.
Oh yeah, what do you think I called this painting? I named it "Blue Monday Heron" because if you look closely, you can tell the heron is not having a good day fishing on a cold, windy Monday.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lake Music

What is lake music? Well, there is a lake near Music City (Nashville) that has a long history of lake music. There must be music in the waters because many, many country music stars and song writers live on or near the lake. Stars like Johnny Cash lived on the lake, Taylor Swift lived near the lake while going to high school and this is just to name a few.  The lake didn't create the stars, but it certainly seems to have helped. It must be those foggy mornings with a blue heron flying over and the sun just rising over the water that is a catalyst for great songs and music.  I just finished this beautiful art decor map of Old Hickory Lake the “Music Lake”. The lake is actually named after

Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory” the 7th president of the United States, but could have just as well been called the music lake. In fact, I hide a musical note in the waters to emphasis the lake’s music heritage. The lake is printed on canvas from a watercolor painting and the waterfowl is hand painted.

"Reduce screen time and increase stream time. Get on a big stream, or at least put one on your wall."

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Deer Antler Extract does to you.

I do alot of outdoorsy cartoons because I have fun with them. Here's a few that I have added to the site. I had to play off  the recent Deer Antler Extract rage in sports. Also, a little about Labradors. Enjoy!

Remember: "Reduce your screen time and increase your stream time. Get on a big stream."