Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Do you rarely see animals in the woods? Then you just may be suffering from ADC (Animal Dyslexia Condition). What is ADC? Its the unfortunate inability to see animals in their natural habitat. You have probably heard of humans having dyslexia, which is the difficulty in seeing some letters while reading.  This is similar, but it's the difficulty in seeing animals in their natural habitat. As you probably know, most animals are camouflaged so to almost disappear into the woods, however most folks can still pick out the animal.  Have you ever looked directly at an animal and never seen it? If this is the case, then you too may have ADC. Take the test!

TEST INSTRUCTIONS: Look at photo below for about one minute to find the animal. You may write in the comment area what you see. Later this week I will publish the correct animal.
Remember: What's in your woods? You may never know if you have Animal Dyslexia!


The results of the test for animal dyslexia are in. It seems that folks saw a cat, a squirrel, an owl, a monkey or a coyote. The real hidden animal is a coyote as shown in the photo below. If you didn’t see the coyote, then you may have ADC. There is no cure, however it can be improved. If you visit the zoo four times a year and view animals in their natural habitat it will improve over time. Remember there's nothing to be ashamed of and Good Luck!

A Tennessee Snow

Here's some snow pictures in the 10 acre woods at Greenbrier on Paradise Ridge! It's a very heavy, wet snow of about 3 inches. The birds are out early working hard to find a meal. All the other animals are hungered down. It's a beautiful Tennessee snow in the woods! 

Wait a minute, that's not a snow picture, that's my painting. Sorry! Remember to get out and play in the snow!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting of Old Hickory Lake, Old Style!

I just completed a decor map painting of Old Hickory Lake. I did two different styles, a standard map style and an artistic style. Click on map for better view 

Standard Style 

Artistic Style

The lake and roads are hand drawn/painted and I added the lettering with a graphics program.  Checkout the plane crossing over. Old Hickory Lake is located on the Cumberland River in Tennessee and is part of TVA. It was completed in 1954. I have enjoyed this lake many times boating, fishing and water skiing. To add a little more creativity to the idea, I named a few of the surroundings on the map. Of course, it's in the vintage style, such as my maps, and a feeling of the 1930s cola ads. Let me know what you think!

Check-out my vintage style maps for the lake house. They make the best gift for the lake lover, lake house owner, or fisherman. If you have a special Lake, River or Bay, then paddle over to my website at

Remember: " Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream, if not, then at least put on the wall." 

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's in your woods?

A few nights ago, Wiley Coyote is caught by Critter Cam at 4am in the morning in the 10 acre woods. He was making his rounds because Critter Cam only took one photo. I'm not sure what he is smelling of, but he moved on quickly. It looked like he was out to steal chickens. Lucky for us, we don’t have chickens. Wait a minute, that's not completely correct. We have some chicken strips in the freeze. Does that count?
It’s just another night in the 10 acre woods on Paradise Ridge. The goal for Critter Cam is to photo a Fox or a Bobcat in the future. Remember: “What’s in your woods?”

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes?

Oh well, they aren't really his shoes but they look like the shoes in his song “Don’t step on my blue suede shoes." The Blue Birds song is amazing  too, check it.


Well, it's one for the money, 
Two for the show, 
Three to get ready, 
Now go, cat, go.
But don't you step on my blue suede shoes.
You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede shoes. 

Their real song is a musical chur chur-lee chur-lee. 

They are such beautiful birds. About 10 were in the group, both males and females. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good photo of them because they are a little shy, but I was lucky. The Eastern Blue Birds were becoming rare because non-native birds would take nesting sites. As a result of specially designed nesting boxes, the Blue Bird is making a comeback. I hope you enjoyed the photo’s and remember don’t step on blue suede shoes, because they may be blue birds. Explore the Outdoors!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Alien Encounter in the Forest

In the middle of the woods, I discovered bald areas. There are four impressions, divided into pairs with a large and a smaller impression. The snow indicates that they were here before the storm hit. I know that crop circles are made by aliens, but these are made in the woods. Hmmm, I wonder what or who made these?

They look like landing pad impressions. Could they be Wood Aliens.? They obviously landed just before the snow storm and dropped off their kind. I questioned what they might be up to? I looked around to determine what else I might see and was astonished to find deer prints. You know, I think they are stealing my deer.

And then it hit me, these were not made by Wood Aliens. This is where the deer bedded down during the snow storm, two mommy deer and two baby deer. It appears that they were here for several hours resting and waiting the storm out. Man, I thought I was going to be another southerner on television trying to explain my alien encounter. Just remember the next time you are in the woods and see bald areas in the snow, it’s just deer making snow angels.   , 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Duck River Painting Finished!

Here is the completed old style river painting. It is a test painting on cheap poster board. I painted it quickly to check colors/lettering etc...., it will need some improvement, but I like the color and that it looks old.. In the future I might paint a real river painting with more detail. As you can see, it is of the Duck River between hwy 31 and hwy 41.

Woods of Greenbrier Adventure!

Once upon a time there was a queen named Mrs. Shop-a-lot who wanted to go to the Ball at Green Hills. Unfortunately, a big snow had covered the Kingdom of Greenbrier, making travel difficult. Did this stop, the Queen, on her shopping adventure? Noooooooooooo. After many attempts trying to travel up the snow covered lane in her shopping carriage, the queen finely was struck near a tree. Mrs. Shop-a-lot and her companion Princess Shop-a-bunch were all alone in the deep Woods of Greenbrier with no way to go. So sad, so, so, so, sad! 
Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a very, very, very handsome prince came to the rescue. His name was Larry of Greenbrier. He unstuck and backed the shopping carriage down the lane to the royal carriage house. Mrs. Shop-a-lot and her companion Miss Shop-a-bunch were happy to get out of their predicament, but very sad that they couldn't go to the ball at Green Hills. Larry of Greenbrier, realizing he preferred to keep a happy kingdom, loaned the queen and princess his personal royal carriage with 4 wheel drive for their travels. The queen and princess were overcome with joy and thanked the prince before setting off to the Ball at Green Hills. The prince returned to his castle in the Kingdom of Greenbrier knowing it would be happy ever after (well maybe not forever but a day or two). 

Larry of Greenbriar

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A new painting in the works!

It's actually the beginning of a map that I have painted of a river in middle Tennessee. I will add additional detail in the up coming days. Can you determine the name of this river?

This is a test to see what a river map painting might look like. It is 10x20 and painted with water colors and ink. Remember, you always need to try something new to keep learning and this is my new.  I will be up-dating this post every few days. Also, remember to get up, and get out into the great outdoors.  

Last night we had a very important visitor for dinner!

Last night we had a very important visitor that some might call a celebrity. He represents the state proudly on many publications and can often be seen in the media. His title:  The official animal of the Great State of Tennessee. 
Can you name him? Well if not, it’s a Raccoon. He came by for dinner and stayed for about two hours.   
We named him Davy Crockett or Davy for short, but I don’t believe he liked it. I think he is still upset about that coon skin cap incident in the 1800s.
Oh well, Davy enjoyed the food and we took pictures of him playing in the snow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow plowing turkeys!

Seen in this photo, three turkeys remove snow from man's front yard. These turkeys have been trained to march in line and scrape the ground, removing what's near. The turkeys can remove snow from sidewalks, streets and other public places. In addition, they can rake leaves in the fall. Just think, no more laborious work cleaning away snow or leaves and they do a better job than a snow/leaf blower. The turkeys are easy to train. All you need to do is spread cracked corn in the area that is in need of clearing and the turkeys go to work. What's really great is that turkeys will work in all types of weather. Who knows, but you may see turkeys as members of the Public Works Department in the future.

                     Seen here turkeys at work.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Red-tail Hawk

A nice picture of  Red-tail Hawk I took yesterday.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What your cat might be thinking!

Ten things Creamy the smart cat might be thinking!

1. Me likes butterflies. They taste like chicken.
2. Me likes me new accessory.
3. Wow, wait til the girls see this.
4. Me always been told me nose is attractive.
5. Y’all see this!
6. Oh boy, good luck. Me wish me's could plays the lottery.
7. Me’s sleepy.
8. Grandma is that you?
9. Oooooooooh, a little to the right.
10. Ahhhhh, a cat eating butterfly!