Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red Fox Video on the Patio!

I have been trying to get a video of a Wiley Old Fox that has been stealing cat food from around our house. I used a critter cam with motion detection and so far have a raccoon, a possum and a still photo of this Old Fox, but I wanted video. So this time I was determined. OK, I admit it. I baited the patio. I used Fox pee, Yep I said Fox pee and some bread to bring him near critter cam. I sprayed the pee all around and tossed out bread. Boy, that Fox pee is smelly. Over spray ended up on my sleeve and when I came back inside, I was attacked by the cat. Anyway, it worked. I am no Nat Geo, but I am the proud owner of  "Red Fox on The Patio" coming to theaters near you, not. I will show it to the wife and prove that it was a Red Fox stealing cat food. Look close and you can tell it's an Old Male Fox which is certainly mangy. Check it out and leave a comment, Thanks. 
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