Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to train your Turkey!

Believe it or not, these three turkeys remove snow from man's front yard. They have been trained to march inline and scrape the ground, removing what's near. The turkeys can remove snow from sidewalks, streets and other public places. In addition, they can rake leaves in the fall. Just think, no more laborious work cleaning away snow or leaves and they do a better job than a snow/leaf blower.

Turkey humorThe turkeys are easy to train and all you need to do is spread cracked corn in the area that is in need of clearing and the turkeys go to work. What's really great is that turkeys will work in all types of weather. Who knows, but you may see turkeys being sold at Home Depot or Lowes in the leaf/snow blowing department.

The only problem occurs around Thanksgiving when the birds may end up on the dinner table. These two turkeys are on the run. They certainly don't want to be dinner. I'm sure they wished Ben Franklin had his way and the turkey was our national bird. Thank goodness the majestic eagle won the award because it just wouldn't be right to have a national bird that gobbles.
Turkey fun
Have a blessed Thanksgiving From Old Field Studio!

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