Monday, March 5, 2012

Mr. Ed drops by.

Living in the ten acre woods, you just don't know who will drop by. Not long ago Mr. Ed and his buddies dropped in for a deck party. Actually these horses escaped from their pasture and came to our home for a visit. 

We worried that they may head for the road so we needed to keep them near the house until we figured out where they came from. Now, how do you keep horses around for a while? Oats, of course. As we fed the horses, wife got on the phone and called all the neighbors in search of their owners. 
Finally, their owners were identified and they were on their way to nab the grazers.
Here they are checking out the patio.
An appetizer before the main course.
More please!
After 3lbs of my breakfast oats, the horses headed back to their home field. Today wasn't a bad day in the ten acre woods.  

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