Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A March Dusting

This year’s winter in Nashville has not been much of a winter as far as snow fall. So far we have only received 1” of snow and last year we received only 0.4”. On average we normally get 8-11 inches a year. Sunday we woke to a dusting and I decided to get the camera out and take a few shots in the 10 acre woods.
I found this tree while wandering around the woods. Who lives here? Looks like the tree is hollow and some animal has set home with the welcome mat being the leaves.
About 3 feet above the active hole was a woodpecker hole. I bet this woodpecker thought the tree was hollow at this level, but found out he had mis-calculated. No bugs today!
After a closer inspection..........
I discovered a nut had been stuffed into the hole, a well polished acorn nut. Looks like the squirrels are doing well this year.
I ended the walk at a red cedar tree! Not a bad ending to a March dusting. 
What's in your woods? Adventure outdoors!

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