Friday, June 7, 2013

Unusual visitor to the salt block!

I place a salt block behind our house ever spring in order to photograph whatever wanders by. Interestingly, a bunny rabbit came by and munched on the salt block. I have never seen a rabbit eat at a salt block. I'm not sure, but maybe its common? The rabbit is hidden behind the grass. It appears he is licking the salt block.
I have found very small claw marks on the block. I wonder if very small animals eat the salt at night, mouse, moles, etc... 

The other morning a deer wandered by and I was lucky to get a few photo's. He is a beauty.
I am actually in our house while taking this photo. We live in a western cedar house and I think the wildlife believe it's a big tree.
Here's a great picture that you can actually see the fuzz on his rack. I bet he's going to have a massive rack come fall. Normally, this deer will be back a few more times and I am excited to get more photos as his rack matures.
Hope you enjoyed. Remember life is short, find out what's in your woods, river, lake, or bay!

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