Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fishing bobbers reach full potential........

Don't misunderstand the bobber, they are really alive, well in my mind! Yes, I am still doing bobber cartoons. I thought that I would have moved on to some other subject by now, but no..... I am still pumping out more bobber toons, in fact, I have ten completed and ready to go in the future. I am pretty amazed by myself for continuing the bobber cartoons. Enjoy......
I like this "Reel Emergency". I made one mistake, the building should have been a multi-level tackle box. 

I'm getting into the weeds with this cartoon.......but hey, I think that it's funny! You know, I think that I have seen my bobbers in this same position in my tackle box...........scandalous!  

Yes, bobbers have needs too! If you want your bobber to reach its full potential, "Treat your bobber right!"

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