Sunday, June 20, 2021

Leo Lakes Lake House Maps

I've been doing maps for almost eleven years.  Interestingly,  my studio has grown as my map business has grown. I've been lucky, I have a 24'x24' space that has been dedicated to doing maps. What I find important in  my studio is "it must give me a good felling". To achieve this, I fill it with things I like and relates to my art, such as my maps, old things that I have had for years, like outboard motors, shells, lake rocks, bobbers, tackle boxes, anything that relates to my art. It is kind of like walking through a museum.  

If you toured my studio, you would find it interesting. I have wood chips from a tree a beaver was downing, sharks teeth, crinoids (Indian money), any interesting thing that I pick up at the shore. On my back wall, I display my maps, along with paddles, lures etc....

In this 24'x24' space, I paint the map in watercolors, scan it, print it, frame it, box it and lastly, ship it. I love doing lake house maps.

This gives you an idea of where I frame the canvas lake maps. 

More frame space. I try to keep barn wood, hardwood in inventory so I can quickly ship maps.

I do a lot of work on this table. I inspect the printed maps,  sign and number them and high light areas with a brush and paint.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Believe it or not I do try to keep my sales down because I like to go to the lake or river or bay sometimes. Paddle over to my website and check-out some beautiful maps:

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