Monday, February 17, 2014

A knock at the door

Today while at home, I heard a knock at the door. I opened the front door and found that no one was there and I wondered what caused the sound. When I looked down, I found a small Carolina Chickadee lying on its back near the edge of the first step that leads into the house. The bird was not moving and its legs were held tightly against its body. Apparently, the Chickadee had crashed into the side windows that are on each side of our front door, probably thinking it was an opening that it could fly through.   

I decided to pickup the little fellow so that I could place it in the yard, thinking that it may have just knocked its self out and would fly off. As I went to scoop the bird up, it began to move. When I put the chickadee on the ground it began to stand and flex its wings, but still not totally aware. I watched it for a few minutes and then I went back inside. After a while, I looked back outside to where I placed the small bird and found that the chickadee was gone.  I bet it had a headache. 

We have a bird feeder near this area and this may have contributed to the bird flying into the window. Interestingly, I have noticed a lot fewer chickadees at the feeder this year than in previous years. They say it is due to the severe winter because 50% of the chickadees can freeze to death during a cold winter. Well, it appears that this chickadee will make it for a while longer. Anyway, checkout my vintage style maps, custom or personalized.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oldfield News

Here's a little personal news that I'm proud of. My daughter Sarah, is the Valedictorian for her High School. This is proof that kids can still grow up in the woods and be first in their class. She has worked very hard and reached her goal. I'm not sure where she will be going to college, but she will likely study the sciences. 

Congratulations Sarah! 

What's in your river, lake, bay or woods? Get out and find out!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Bobber Head & Fish Fry

Here's a few of my fishing cartoons that I can relate with. I spent a little more time on drawing them. Enjoy!

I can "kind of" relate to this cartoon. A few years ago on Valentines Day, my wife gave me some odd gifts, nuts and underwear, yep I said nuts and underwear. It sounds funny but, It was actually nice because I needed the underwear and I like nuts. Now, chocolate and roses are not the only things that show love, even nuts and underwear can. To be honest, you need to be married a few years before you start getting what you need on Valentines Day.

Again, I can relate to this cartoon. We've all been to a fish fry and ate too much, right? But have you ever been to a vegetable steam and ate too much? Do they even have vegetable steams? I don't think so because FISH RULE!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fish Stration

A few of my cartoons to brighten this winter weather, Fish-stration. Enjoy!

Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It was as if a motorcycle gang had showed up at the bird feeder.

Yesterday in the ten acre woods, the birds at the feeder started freaking out. I looked out thinking that our cat was playing hide and pounce with the birds. Luckily, I didn't have to run out and chase the cat away on a cold winter day.  

It was a Red Shoulder Hawk low in the trees eyeing the activity around the feeder. I was lucky to get a nice photo of him while he was on a low branch. It was interesting while watching the birds at the feeder when the hawk was near. The small birds, Titmouse and Chick-a-dees, were not troubled by the hawk, however the Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Crows quickly left as if a motorcycle gang had showed up at the neighborhood bar. 
Life is short, discover whats in your woods, river, lake, or bay! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Neighbors!

Not far from the back of our home (about 25 ft. from our back door), My wife discovered this nest about 10 feet above the ground. Luckily, I didn't wander near the nest during the summer time, because I am allergic to bee stings. In fact, so allergic that one sting and I will end up in the hospital. Anyway, it's likely that the nest was built last spring and we didn't see it until the winter when the leaves were gone. 

I did a little research and found that it's built by a Bald Faced Hornet and there stings are pretty nasty. This hornet is aggressive and will attack if you approach the nest. They average about 400 hornets and eat insects such as caterpillars, fly's, but little nectar. You know, there were almost no fly's around the house last summer. At this time of year, they say that there's no hornets in the nest, we shall see, because my goal is to remove the nest and bring it inside. I will let you know how this goes.

What's in your woods, lake, river or bay? Get out and find out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When do you know that you have found your calling?

A few years ago, I got to follow my dream, a dream of having my own studio and creating the art that I love. After some wandering around on exactly what I wanted to produce, then putting all my creative and artistic ability in to it, I can now say that I have found it, "producing creative decor maps of places that folks love." I think this email below, from one of my customers pretty much sums it up, I have found my calling!" 

I received my custom, Hammock Lake decor map yesterday and was like a kid opening it on Christmas Day.  I could not wait to see it, and it definitely did not disappoint! It it stunning!!  Thank you so much for working with me to create this amazing focal point of my home. Your work is gorgeous and is just what I had been looking for!! I absolutely love the barn wood frame!! Thank you also for your promptness on answering your emails and for the super quick delivery.  Your business is more than 5 star and is so much appreciated!!! Thank you again and have a GREAT 2014!!

Have a very Happy New Year and remember "Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream."