Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Eight Person Kayak

This kayak can comfortably seat eight people. It’s approximately 32 feet long and weighs about 950 lbs with a capacity of 1750 lbs. Great for group fishing trips or if you just want to party, this kayak will fit the bill. Heck, you could take the whole family including your friends. The Kayak is limited to only one color, yellow. With an appropriate name like Bus-yak who would forget it. Oh boy, just think what your friends would think when you paddle up in the Bus-yak? "The Bus-yak glows."

You may have a few concerns about the Bus-yak.  Like, is the Bus-yak difficult to turn around on narrow waterways? This is not a problem. The engineers at Bus-yak solve this issue with swivel seats. Each seat will swivel 180 degrees, which allows for paddling in the opposite direction. There is no need to turn the Bus-yak around; it’s always pointed in the right direction. There is a warning about all parties swiveling around at the same time causing a rollover. With a little group coordination this problem is solved. Also, you may think that transporting Bus-yak may require a large vehicle due to its sheer size. On paper this does appear to be a fact, however with a little creativity the Bus-yak could probably be spanned and strapped between two Yugo’s and off you go. Can you imagine fishing on the Bus-yak with your family? Think of what fun you will have. It’s better than a Banana Boat ride in the ocean.

Then I woke up and realized that the Bus-yak was a dream. Whaaaaaaaaaaat! Dang, what have I been drinking. Remember: What’s in your woods, lake, river or bay? I hope it’s not a Bus-yak.    


Jay said...

I think the Maori people of New Zealand have something like this... although it's not made of roto-molded plastic. Your dream may not be that far fetched.

Baitrageous said...

Cool! I wiki-ed them and found that their war canoes were up to 130 feet long and transported 80 sailors.