Friday, May 13, 2011

SNAKE in the house!

That’s right, a snake got in the house. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen about to prepare Manicotti and I noticed our cat, Storm Trooper, was interested in something under the sofa. I was not too concerned because Stormy Trooper often plays cat and mouse with his fake mouse. But all of a sudden, something caught my eye. Was that a snake?  
Nope, it couldn’t be, I thought. I walked over to investigate and slithering from under the sofa a SNAKE. Storm Trooper was in hot pursuit. For a second I jumped, but I’m not frightened of snakes, especially small snakes. Now at the beginning of this story, I didn’t say it was a big snake, but a snake in the house is still a big deal. The first thing I thought was catch the cat, the Manicotti must wait and I need pictures. Storm trooper was nabbed and placed in Star Wars prison. 
I found the camera and took pictures of the snake to prove it was in the house. The snake is a Ringneck Snake and is harmless so I decided to do my Crocodile Hunter impression and capture the snake, which I did and it was fun. I used the vacuum cleaner and sucked him up, No I didn’t, just kidding. I was a man and caught the little fellow by hand. 

Quickly, I formulated a plan to play a joke on the family. I placed the snake in a bowl, placed the bowl on the counter near the Manicotti and waited till my girls and wife came home (9th ,12th, 30th graders) Hee Hee.
Not too long later, they came home and walked into the kitchen to fill their plates with Manicotti. I waited in another room so as not to give the joke away.  In about a minute or two there was a BIG scream, “Ahhhh, there’s something moving in that bowl! It’s a SNAAAAKE.”
Lucky for me no Manicotti hit the ceiling, but almost.  My little joke was successful and I realize my girls added another fond memory. I now call my pasta, Ringneck Manicotti.  The snake was not harmed and was safely released back in to the Great American Outdoors. I think I even heard him say “thanks it was fun” as he slithered away. You may ask: How did the snake get into the house in the first place?  Simple, we live in a western cedar house in the woods. The animals think our home is a tree and treat it as such. Woodpeckers peck holes in it, Carpenter Bee’s eat wood from it, Birds try to nest in it, Blue Tail Skinks like to live in it, Hornets like to swam it, Snakes try to get in it, Wolf Spiders like to travel through it, Ants try to find food in it and I TRY TO SEAL IT.  It’s kind of like living in a big tree in the middle of the woods, but a lot more fun. One of these day’s I will tell you about the Blue Tailed Skink that got in the bed with wifey, Hee Hee. I hope you enjoyed. Remember: What’s in your Woods, River, Lakes or Bay! Get Up & Find Out!   


Jay said...

Sounds like "what's in your woods" is always trying to get in your house. I wish snakes tried to get in my house, but a brick house in a well established urban neighborhood doesn't have too many snakes around it. Thanks for sharing your story.

Baitrageous said...

I'm glade you liked. I must say that it's always an adventure in the ten acre woods.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

You are a cruel, cruel man ;) I would have had a heart attack right there!....and never be able to eat manicotti again without thinking of that snake! You would fit in my family very well Mr Prankster

Baitrageous said...

Yep, I am Prankster! I couldn't resist and it was too much fun. Hee Hee