Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's in a hole? I Know!

This is not a fairy tale like Alice in Wonderland and I am not Johnny Depp, but I do know "What's in a hole. Have you ever been walking in the woods and see holes in the ground? You may wonder: What lives in those holes? Well, I set out on an adventure to find out. I set-up my motion detector camera near an activity hole in the woods to see if I could capture a photo of a neighbor, so to speak. Here are the photos captured by Critter Cam.  

Believe it or not it's a Raccoon. I put the pictures in sequence. In some pictures you see him or her easily, however in a few he is wondering around in the background. Now you know "What's in the hole!" 

What's in your woods, river, lake, or bay. Get up and get out!


Jay said...

I thought raccoons lived in holes in trees and attics.

Baitrageous said...

I was surprised to find this Raccoon crawling out of the hole, too. I thought the same until I did some research on the net. I found that Raccoon's will live in ground holes but they don't dig them.

John Delaney said...

I'm surprised too, but really like the scheme!

Wonder if he was looking for dinner?

More Hole Cam, please!

Baitrageous said...

Thanks, Fishcreekspinners. It's amazing what you learn with hole cam, more to come!