Monday, December 5, 2011

A Message from a Coyote!

Recently, my wife who had been Christmas shopping called me as she was nearing our home. She said "Quick get the camera and come outside. I will pick you up because you may be able to photo a coyote that's in a field up the road."  So, I grabbed the Nikon D80 and headed out the door as she was pulling in our drive. I was hoping to get a few photo's of a common coyote playing in a field and maybe capture a photo of something unusual. Boy, I didn't realize how common this coyote was going to be and you won't believe what he did. As we headed up the road, I could see the coyote walking in the middle of the road.
As we neared, the coyote seemed not to notice us. I wondered why a coyote would be walking in the middle of the road, during the middle of the day and I was certain the coyote could hear the car. Strange don't you think? 
Then the unexpected happened. As we slowly neared him, he turned and stared a defiant stare. All of a sudden he begin to squat and poop on the road as if to send us a message: "Take this humans." 
Or could he be saying "You Perverts!"
Anyway, when the coyote finished his business he walked into the field and looked back at us as to say: "Now take that!"
Just think, I am one of only a few who have a photo of a common coyote pooping on a road. Woo-who a Nat Geo photo, not but you must admit it is an usual photo. 
This is truly a common coyote. Hope you enjoyed and remember: " Adventure Outdoors! Get away from the big stream and get on a big stream."


Anonymous said...

I will give you this, "it is a unique shot of a Coyote" I am more used to the squealing coming out the front end of the local Coyotes.

Baitrageous said...

Yep Mel, one crazy coyote.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

HA! Only you could capture an animal pooping. I love it!