Monday, July 30, 2012

Gaston Lake

I just completed painting Gaston Lake, which is located in North Carolina and Virginia. When I paint a new lake, I often look for unique and unusal names given to rivers, creeks and islands. Most of time I find such a name, for Gaston Lake it's Six Pound Creek. I am not sure how this name came about, but one must consider that it may have been named after a six pound fish. Speaking of fish, this lake is known for great fishing. In fact, a monster blue cat  at over 143 pounds was caught on the Viringa side of the lake, a new world record. 

Here's my finished painting of Gaston Lake with a simple poem on the perimeter and an artistic flair. Click on map to see it a little better.
The dam was built in 1963 along the banks of the Roanoke River.  Gaston Lake is a beautiful blue lake covering about 20,000 acres. The area surrounding the lake is home to more than 150,000 residents. Recreational activities include, boating, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and wake boarding. The lake has become a popular retirement area and vacation spot. 

I also painted the lake without the poem to give it more of a map look.
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