Friday, July 6, 2012

Lakes without borders

Unlike most maps, my décor maps have no road names, county lines, or state bounties. There is a reason for this madness. You see, I want you to wander around the lake, river or bay with your eyes, quite possibly bringing back those golden memories of the big one that got away, a boating adventure, or a place that you adore. I have watched folks looking at my maps and you see them traveling the roads trying to get their bearings, and then suddenly they find them and light up like they were on an adventure. Here is my traditional décor map.

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I have been considering adding a new map variation to my web site, a map with fewer grids and symbols, but a little more artsy and less cluttered. In addition, I included a poem that my wife created. Here’s a sample.
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On the map below I went one step further; I have removed all the wording except for the lake name. It certainly emphasizes the body of water and changes your prospective, like where do I start? This gives you the feeling of flying over as a bird or in a plane. 
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Feedback would be welcome on these two new ideas. I know feedback is difficult, but I would like to know what you think. Also, I will always keep my current traditional map art, but do like to experiment with other possibilities. Remember…….. Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream! 
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Jay said...

I like all of the variations, but I think I like your original version best. I like the border and the labels.

Daniel said...

I agree with Jay, honestly I would like to see the birds except maybe one go. YOu do some great work and once I get some bills paid off I plan on buying a Lake Michigan map from you. Keep on creating.

Baitrageous said...

Thanks Jay and Daniel for your in put! Greatly Appreciated.