Sunday, August 5, 2012

 Finally, finished the post about the "flat tire fishing trip" that happened at 5:17am on a Saturday morning four weeks ago. I was headed to Old Hickory Lake in Goldilocks (my SUV) to fish. All of a sudden, I heard the RAP RAP RAP noise coming from the right rear tire as I drove onto the interstate. At this point, I realized that my plans had suddenly changed. 
Well, after AAA arrived and a total of about 1 hour and 15 minutes went by, I was finally headed to the Lake. Unfortunately, this day was one of those 100 degree days that's now common in the south. I was hoping to finish my fishing by 10:00 am. However, I was so late to the lake that the fish were not biting so I spent the day taking pictures. Enjoy.
There must be a Canadian running for office? He or she is the one on the stump! You should have heard all the quacking. I don't think they are republican or democrat, but could be the goose party and what a party it was.
 What a beauty! 
Looks like this fisherman is relaxing in 100 degree weather. Boy that certainly is a white shirt, no.... wait a minute, that's a farmers tan? Hey, that's Greasy Ham my fishing buddy. 
I cast my lure right to the edge of that log in hopes of hooking a big old hog. I didn't get a bite, but I might......have.
Here's a Great Blue fixing to fly into the shade. Did I say fixing?
Often on the lake you see some unusual things..... Holy Mackerel, Paul Bunyan has moved south. He must be inside under the air conditioner. Did I say under?
Life's short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!


Buttermilk jr. said...

I see a fat redneck wearing only his lifejacket!

Baitrageous said...

Oh !!!!