Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earring Tackle

The other day I could swear my wife was wearing a pair of my spoon fishing lures. Surely she got in to my tackle box and started admiring all of my shiny and colorful lures and selected a few for her personal use. Come to find out I was wrong and they were her earrings. This got me to thinking about how much women’s earrings resemble fishing lures. In fact, I think some of my wife’s earrings could be hanging in Bass Pro if only they had a treble hook. Ah, you don’t think the earring manufactures have infiltrated the lure industry and are now making lures do you? If this is true, I’m not sure who will be more embarrassed, me who would be fishing with women’s jewelry or her wearing fishing tackle. Wait a minute, I could save lots of money because she would wear it for a while and then I could fish with it, cool, dual purpose and environmentally friendly. I think I just invented a new product, Earring Tackle. Think about what a great Birthday gift it would be. You just drop by Bass Pro, go to the Earring Tackle, pick out that perfect earring lure, have it wrapped, and present it to her on her birthday. I bet she would say" Holy Crappie" and would love it. Later as she grows tired of it, you will end up with a new lure and you might be able to say "Hey Babe, I caught a 3 lb. Crappie with your birthday present." How bout dat?

To make a short story long, I decided that I had to test this earring tackle concept to determine if fish can actually be caught on jewelry. But first I needed jewelry. I snuck in to my wife’s jewelry box to see what I might find. Wow, a jewelry box and a tackle box are nearly the same. Who said men are from mars and women are from Venus. Anyway, I noticed that nice spoon I spoke about earlier that I have been eyeing. I wondered, will she allow me to add a treble hook? You never know until you ask, right? I realized that trying to talk her out of her spoon earrings would be like trying to talk me out of my rooster tail, no way. Surprise, Surprise, she allowed me to take her spoon jewelry and turn it into Earring Tackle. Here's a photo of my future tackle just need a treble hook. Not bad, eh.
My next step is to fish with it. Stay tuned for a future report on fishing with Earring Tackle.
Remember: What’s in your lake, river, bay or woods? Get out and find out!


Anonymous said...

Your post made me chuckle. Then I thought, "Wait a minute, he just might be serious about this." If you stick a treble hook on there and catch some "Crappie or whatever" you just might be on the leading edge of something big in the fishing tackle industry. Keep us posted.

Baitrageous said...

Thanks Mel, I can see the headlines. "Man catches 15 lb. largemouth on wife's earring." I can't wait.