Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Fall Walk in the woods

About five days ago, I took a walk in the ten acre woods. Here's what I found. 
Fall has finally come to the ten acre woods. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather was a warm sunny day with a light wind coming from the west. You can smell the crispy leaves that have already fallen from the trees.
Yellows, greens, orange and red dominate near a fence rail I put up several years ago.

In a month, the only green left here will be the cedar tree on the right.

Dogwoods turn a beautiful crimson red in the fall and the berries are a bright red.

In the city graffiti is painted on building, trains etc, in the woods graffiti is carved on trees. I have a large beech tree near the corner of the property and someone has carved a few words on its trunk. I'm not sure of the words.  
I'm not sure of this plant but it has a cotton looking fiber coming from a pineapple?

Sometimes while walking in the woods you come across pass home sites. This was likely a part of a foundation of an old house. I wonder how old it is and who lived here? 

Well now it's time to head back to the house, remember: What's in your woods, go find out!

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