Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lake Lovers Decor

Not long ago, I came across this cool looking vintage style outboard motor lamp. I could not resist it, so I purchased it and placed it in my studio. The motor appears to be styled after the old 1960s Evinrude Outboard Motors. Along with the lamp, I added one of my vintage style maps of Old Hickory Lake with a small sail boat. I think it makes for a nice looking decor piece. 
Actually, I have two old outboard motors that my dad owned, one is a Wizard and the other is an Evinrude much like the motor above. I have been working on how to incorporate them into the studio. Hopefully, in the future, I will have completed this project and have pictures. If you ever need a vintage style lake map, then checkout my website at
Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!


Jay said...

I have a vintage trolling motor that still works great... although it's not that powerful. it's a Phantom Bantam. I think they were sold at Sears. It was handed down to me by my uncle. It's currently decorating my garage... but I have thought of hanging it on a wall in our fishing room.

Baitrageous said...

Cool, mine are in the garage too. I might cut the back section of an old aluminum boat that I have, attach the motor and turn it into a end table. I could use the other half as a book shelf.