Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unique Wedding Gift

Folks take great pleasures spending time on there favorite lake. There's so many things to do, from a relaxing boat ride, to sitting dockside and enjoying friends, or more seriously, meeting your future mate and marrying on that beloved lake. That's what happen with a young couple on Lake Winnipesaukee.
The making of a family heirloom! I was lucky to be contacted about providing a unique wedding gift for a couple. I was asked to add two hearts to my Lake Winnipesaukee decor map. The first heart was placed to the location that they first met and labeled, "The Day We Met" with the date. A second heart was added to the location that they were wed, labeled "Our Wedding Date." with the date.

At the wedding, the map was displayed where family and friends could actually sign and make comments on the map with a sharpie. I think it will be great in the years to comes for their children to gaze into the map and read comments from their parents wedding day.

Now that's a true family heirloom. I hope the couple purchases a home near Lake Winnipesaukee and the map becomes a treasured map. On occasion, I do get involved in new and creative ideas for my maps. Believe it or not this is not the first wedding map that I have completed. I normally do a few a year and have even finished one that was 3.5ftx7ft. On this large wedding map, I actually hand painted interlocking wedding rings.  

It's true that lakes have become a popular location for wedding because of the love for the lake. In fact, my wife dreamed up this great poem that pretty much sums it up. 

"I love this lake, the most amazing thing appear in its wake, the sun arises above the shore, giving grace and beauty to this place that I adore". 

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