Monday, August 31, 2015

A beautiful lake goes bad!

Two years ago, My fishing buddy and I, kayak fished Greenbrier Lake, a small lake near my home near Nashville TN. As you can see from the photo's, it was a beautiful lake with water lilies along the edge.

The water lilies seemed to add to the beauty and fishing fun because you could just imagine a big bass waiting to blast out of the water, except we only caught small perch. 

There was some milfoil, but not too much. Wow, you won't believe what happened in a two year period. We made a return visit to this lake just a few weeks ago and was shocked to find that the lake was completely unfishable, if that's a word.

Check-it out! Who needs a kayak when you can almost walk across the lake. It's obvious that there's too much nutrient rich run off from the surrounding area. When I walked up to the lakes edge, I smelled a septic odor. No doubt, there's a lot of biological activity going on here and it's not fish.

We didn't even remove our kayaks from our vehicles. Who would fish in these waters? It's amazing how fast a fairly large body of water can fill up with algae. Two years ago, there were a family of beavers, a great blue heron and many ducks.

Today, we didn't see very much wildlife, except for these ducks. It looked like one of the ducks had to play Coast Guard Cutter to make a path through the muck! 
I hope this lake makes a comeback because it was such a beautiful lake! However, the little research that I've done on a milfoil problem this large indicates that it will require help and likely take a long time to recover. What a shame.  

 Always Remember: Life is short, Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

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