Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crackling Fire on a Boat!

For a lake lover, the glow of a boat cabin on a spring night is the same as a crackling fire in a log cabin on a cold winter night! Holy Moly is that deep. Well maybe, but you have to admit that the glow of light from any cabin does give you a warm on!     

If you look closely, you may find the objective of this photo. One of my customers send me this photo and it is to show a clever way to display a lake map on a boat. The photo is actually showing a LeoLakes Maps on the table in the boat galley. What a great place to display a map of the lake that you cruise. As you know, boats have a minimal amount of space to display wall maps, but the table top is ideal. 

The map has been epoxied to the table with other interesting items such as, a compass, calipers, coin and small anchor.  I think it is adds a personal touch and conversational piece to the cabin. 

You know, the map is like adding a crackling fire to the boat cabin. How's that? Because everyone will sit around and gaze into the map as if it were a fire, sort of. Anyway, beautiful work Brendan and thanks for the photos.

Hey, if you want to add a fireplace to your boat. Check-out my vintage style lake maps. They make a great gift. Click here, to see if we have your map. We have many popular lake maps such as the Lake Winnipesaukee, Great Sacandaga Lake, Lewis Smith Lake, Pickwick Lake, Greer's Ferry Lake, Lake Sidney Lanier, Lake Sinclair, Table Rock Lake, and Lake Wallenpaupack. Also, we paint custom maps and have personalized maps for that special someone. 

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