Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kentucky Lake Pelicans

PELICANS IN KENTUCKY?  A customer sent me a photo of White Pelicans on Kentucky Lake. I was surprised to find that they have been wintering on the lake for the last 10-12 years. LeoLakes.com

This winter, I may make a trip to Kentucky Lake and take a few photos of the pelicans. Oh yeah, check-out my website LeoLakes.com for beautiful Lake, River and Bay maps.

I've decided to add the white pelicans to my Kentucky Lake Map near the dam.

A bit about myself. About eight years ago, I began to paint lakes, rivers and bays maps in order to bring back those "golden lake memories" like the one's during my childhood. 

I call them "Leo Lakes Treasured Maps" and have painted over 200 from 36 states using USGS maps as guides.  LeoLakes.com

They make a truly unique and special gift for the lake house owner, lake lover and fisherman. 
Here's what makes them so Special!

I hide a few fish and even a tiny mermaid in the waters of my lakes. Yes, they're very shy and don't want to be found. Folks just love'm especially the kids. You might even think they move around overtime.

You will find no road names, county, or state lines on my maps. I have found that folks enjoy traveling the roads with their eyes, while trying to get their bearing. I call this the "Leo Lakes gaze."

I call my maps Treasured Maps because every treasure has a Ruby and so do my maps, each have a Red Ruby Meridian.

I add a vintage plane flying over my maps to signify an adventure to your treasured lake, river, or bay.

You will find wildlife in all my maps. These signify the natural beauty of your treasured lake, river or bay. I use wildlife that is common to the subject lake, such as Canadian Geese, Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagles and others.

You can add a star or symbol with a few words to mark that special place, it may be the location of the lake house, the spot where you caught that trophy fish or some grand view. This will make a very special gift for the lake lover. 

Did you know that you can always tell if its morning or evening on a Leo Lakes map? Just look at the shadows cast by the wildlife, is the shadow on the east or west? If it's on the west, then it’s morning time. Oh yeah, I have had folks tell me that they change through the day, but don't believe them.

My WEBSITE: LeoLakes.com

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