Friday, October 29, 2010

I LIKE REDHEADS, Woodpeckers that is!!


A few weeks ago Woody Woodpecker(Pileated Woodpecker) came to visit our home.  Normally, when they see me they fly in the opposite direction, but I tricked him this time and dressed up in a Woodpecker costume. It is Halloween, but I am just kidding. I was lucky to take a nice picture of this Pileated Woodpecker traveling up a tree looking for bugs. You can tell he is a male by the small red strip under his eye, which is missing on females. These birds are fairly large (16” long) and are a bit shy. They are common in the southeast and like mature woods. You will know they are around by the large oval holes in trees and the wuck, wuck calls they make. In spring you may see a pair flying together. Sometimes I have a pair that nests nearby our home. Also, checkout my humor tab above, you will laugh. Comments are always welcome too. Enjoy!

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