Monday, October 11, 2010

Woman finds bear pooh under bed!!

It all started on one fall day when Callie, 4 years old, noticed that her 1 ½ year old sister had a poo diaper. Now Callie had watched her mother change diapers before and decided that she could also change diapers, but better. She quickly and secretly took Sarah to her room, found a new diaper and started the poo change process. As she removed the poo diaper, she apparently discovered that there were no wipes around. Now what do you think a 4 year old will do in this situation? Very simple, find the nearest object around and start wiping. After Callie completed the good deed, a new problem surfaced: What to do with the evidence? There's a very obvious solution, toss everything under the bed and no one will ever know. The next day a bad, bad, bad smell came from Callie's room. Karen my wife and their mother, made a complete search of Callie's room to determine where the smell was coming from. Finally the discovery, it appears that pooh bear was used to clean up Sarah and was tossed under the bed. Now that's how a woman found bear pooh under the bed!

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