Saturday, December 25, 2010


It all started with operation reindeer. The goal was to use my new infrared, motion detector, critter cam and capture a picture of Santa's reindeer. Also, I wanted to determine if critters stir on Christmas night. All was set to photo the action. 

11:50 pm - The first picture that critter cam caught was of our cat, Creamy. All looks normal on Christmas night.  (Picture number 52 and temperature of 31)

3:17 am - Then a picture was taken, but I don’t see anything that would have set off the motion detector. Hmmm, this seems odd. (Picture number 53 and temperature of 31)

7:14 am – Again our cat is caught walking past the camera. Well, it appears that I was unsuccessful with operation reindeer picture. The more I think about it, the camera should have been on the roof because this is where the reindeer should have been working. However, I have determined that the critter cam did not capture any creatures between the hours of 11:50pm and 7:14am, approximately 7-1/2 hours. So, it appears that critters do not stir on Christmas night. Feeling sad that I did not get a picture of a reindeer, I went outside to see if I could find out what had set the camera off at 3:17am.

To my surprise, I saw a round object in the snow. I wondered what it could be.

After a closer inspection, it was a red bell. Wow, could this bell have come off Santa’s sleigh when he was leaving our house?  I believe at 3:17am Santa left our home and this red bell fell off his sleigh. The bell must have fallen near the camera and it triggered the motion detector to take a picture and that is why there are no critters around to set off the camera. Wow, I can’t believe it, Santa's sleigh bell. Should I mail the bell back to the North Pole? 

Have a blessed New Year and BELIEVE!

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