Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woods of Greenbrier Adventure!

Once upon a time there was a queen named Mrs. Shop-a-lot who wanted to go to the Ball at Green Hills. Unfortunately, a big snow had covered the Kingdom of Greenbrier, making travel difficult. Did this stop, the Queen, on her shopping adventure? Noooooooooooo. After many attempts trying to travel up the snow covered lane in her shopping carriage, the queen finely was struck near a tree. Mrs. Shop-a-lot and her companion Princess Shop-a-bunch were all alone in the deep Woods of Greenbrier with no way to go. So sad, so, so, so, sad! 
Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a very, very, very handsome prince came to the rescue. His name was Larry of Greenbrier. He unstuck and backed the shopping carriage down the lane to the royal carriage house. Mrs. Shop-a-lot and her companion Miss Shop-a-bunch were happy to get out of their predicament, but very sad that they couldn't go to the ball at Green Hills. Larry of Greenbrier, realizing he preferred to keep a happy kingdom, loaned the queen and princess his personal royal carriage with 4 wheel drive for their travels. The queen and princess were overcome with joy and thanked the prince before setting off to the Ball at Green Hills. The prince returned to his castle in the Kingdom of Greenbrier knowing it would be happy ever after (well maybe not forever but a day or two). 

Larry of Greenbriar

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