Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Crack Mystery

A GREAT MYSTERY has emerged after my last adventure into the great outdoors. On the morning after my great river fishing trip, while removing my Kayak from inside my SUV in order to store it in the boat house (garage), I found a windshield CRACK. To my surprise there were multiple CRACKS right in the corner of the windshield on the passenger’s side. 
Have I discovered a possible act of vandalism? Who or what did this last night while I was all snug in my bed with not a creature stirring, not even my crickets?  Now, I do have enemies and I suppose I should consider them as suspects.

Suspect number one.
Could it have been the wife? Yes, I said wife. At first I thought no way and then I remembered the Earring Tackle Incident where I snuck into her jewelry and nabbed a nice spoon earring. This earring looked so much like a fishing lure that I actually attached a hook and caught fish. Could she still be secretly upset enough to have taken a hammer to my wind shield? You know how women are about jewelry and shoes, very possessive. To get the full story read "I'm one earring short of a full lobe" a must. Find it next to this post in Great stories.
Suspect number two.
There have been other acts of vandalism here in the ten acre woods. Just the other night there was a major disturbance on the back deck where a shelf full of plants was turned over. Broken glass was everywhere and a graffiti message was sprayed on a wall. The prime suspect was a gang leader called Bandit. Now Bandit is not whom you think, so you must read "Animal Hooligans" to get the full story. Again find it next to this post in June of Great stories.
Suspect number three.
I bet it could have been my fishing buddy. I think he could have snuck over last night and cracked my windshield. What was the motive? Very simple, I always catch more and bigger fish than he does and this is a way to get back at me, secretively.
I know this is not at the level of the Casey Anthony case, but it’s still a mystery and I have a cracked windshield that must be repaired. Take a guess, was it the wife, Bandit or my fishing buddy? I am 100% it was one of these suspects and I will report on whom after I gather all of the evidence. Stay tuned.

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