Monday, March 26, 2012

My trip to the Venice Rookery

If you enjoy nature, birds, and the outdoors, then you should take a trip to the Venice Rookery located in Venice Florida. It's basically a small lake with a small island located in the middle where many different birds nest during the spring.  The Venice Rookery is a great place to photograph and view many birds nesting such as the Great Blue Heron, Night Heron, Anhinga, and the Egret.  
If you click on the sign, you may be able to read about the Venice Rookery.

The island is loaded with birds and most are on thier nest.

Here's two Anhinga's necking. I'm not sure which one is the male or female?

Hmmm...... I think I figured it out.

The Great Blue Heron with the spiked hair is a large chick that will soon leave.

A nesting Blue Heron with a small chick. If you click on the photo you may see the chick down in the nest.

A Night Heron just chilling. Better be careful a alligator could be near.

A Red Wing Black Bird that has locked himself in reed jail.

Here he is, the big alligator that patrols the small lake and you must be careful while photographing.

Sometimes it's more fun photographing the bird watchers, watching the birds.

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