Monday, March 14, 2011

The Best Fly Fisherman in the world!

That’s right “the best fly fisherman in the world!” This guy or gal has all the latest gear and years of experience. What makes the best fly fisherman? Is it a keen eye, fish knowledge, the best equipment, or the sharpest hooks? It’s likely all of these. I took these pictures of the "World's best Fly Fisherman" at Lemon Bay. It is of a Fish Hawk. One can argue that the Fish Hawk is the best fly fisherman, even better than the Eagle. The Fish Hawk or Osprey as it is better known, is a master flying fisherman. Above the water, the Osprey spots a fish, dives down and hooks the fish with its very sharp talons.
Mmmmmm, fresh sushi for today's lunch. Nothing's better than dining on top of a perch overlooking Lemon Bay. 
Looks like this guy has caught a nice Catfish and is having a meal right on the spot. Often the Osprey will carry its meal head first and land on a perch above the water to have its meal.
Fresh Catfish is good with lemons, I mean Lemon Bay. The Osprey's diet consists of fish.
This fish must be a head turner, checkout how the Osprey has his head. Actually, the Osprey will turn its head about 180 degrees and twist the meat off the fish. As you can see, the Osprey has just about picked this fish to the bone. 
A nice close up of a fisherman who has just finished a fine Catfish lunch. It was talon licking good.
When the Osprey has finished the meal, the fish is pushed off and drops to the  ground where the Crows or Sea Gulls come by and finish off the remains. The Osprey is truly a fly fisherman. 


Owl Jones said...

Nice hook! You got me! And yes, this guy is a much better fly fisherman than any on two legs I've ever seen! Catfish!Mmmm. :) Nice photos!

Baitrageous said...

Thanks Owl Jones! I'm glade you liked it.