Sunday, March 6, 2011

Critter Cam captures picture of Robin Hood in Woods!

Today, I went to retrieve Critter cam, my motion detector camera that I put out in the woods to capture photos of animals that wandered near. The LCD on the camera indicated that 18 new pictures had been taken. Woo hoo, probably 18 pictures of a fox, coyote, bobcat or something really neat. Yes? I eagerly took the digital card back to the house and slapped it in to the laptop. I quickly loaded the pictures into the program, 1st picture a Robin. Not to fear seventeen to go, 2nd picture Robin, 3rd Robin, 4th Robin, 16th Robin, 17th Robin. Dang, seventeen pictures of a camera hog Robin. I can’t believe it. This Robin is messing with me.  Hmmmm, this must be Robin Hood and he is stealing camera time so all the other animals can sneak by Critter cam. Oh well, I'm feeling lucky tomorrow and hopefully Robin Hood will be in another part of Sherwood Forest. Oh yeah, here’s a picture of Robin Hood
Remember: What's in your woods!

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