Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did you know Tennessee Has GATORS?

Did you say, GATORS? Yep, they've been here for years. These gators are more common than you think and I bet you've seen them too. This photo is not a Tennessee gator but a Florida gator. 
Tennessee Gators are a bit smaller and different than the Florida Gator. Most of the time, you see two or more in the same area and they are near highways or interstates. For some reason you see them more often in warm or hot weather and they lie in wait on the side of roads. You must be careful not to run over them because they can wreak a vehicle. In the picture below, you can see them on the right side of the road. 
They come in all sizes and tread. Did I say tread? Here's a close up photo of two gators along the road. Truck drivers call them ROAD GATORS. 
These road gators are the tire treads that come off 18 wheeler s. So now, every time you see those tire treads on the side of the road you will think Road Gators! You be careful out there and watch out for Road Gators in your state.

Not a Gator, but check-out my beautiful lake, river and bay decor maps. I hid a tiny mermaid in the waters of every map and might even put in a gator if you ask. They make great gifts for the lake lovers, lake house, or fisherman. Big and small maps are available.

"May you have fair winds and following seas"



Jay said...

We actually do have a few real alligators in west TN. They live in the bottomland swamps just northeast of Memphis near/in Meeman-Shelby State Park. Just thought you might like to know. First time to your blog, very nice stuff. You have a new follower!

Baitrageous said...

I didn't know that gators were around Memphis. Thanks for the info. and glade you like the blog. I was wondering how the gators got to the area?

Jay said...

They just swam up the mighty Mississippi... I suppose. You really don't have to go too far south into MS to find alligators... and they've always been there. Even when alligators were on the endangered species list, and FL & LA populations were struggling, the population in MS was pretty stable. The alligator population in AR also ranges about as far north as Memphis.
Historically, alligators are believed to have had a natural range that went as far north up the Mississippi valley as St. Louis.
I imagine if the ever found their way to Reelfoot they might be real comfortable there.

Anonymous said...

the first time i ever heard about road Gators i was driving to Penscola Fl. and had the cb on that my boyfriend had put in my car so we could keep in touch while i followed him be hind camper and over the cb i heard a trucker say watch out for the Gators well dumb hillbilly me i was looking every where for a gator 4 leg kind looking every where finely i ask where is it and boyfriend came on cb and told me that is what trucker call caps off tires well you could here every body laughing all over the cb radio boy did i feel stupid so that is my first time seeing a Road Gator Ha! Ha! on me

Baitrageous said...

That is a great story, too funny. You made me laugh.