Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fish Texting!

Here I am on a Saturday night with thunderstorms passing through and trying to finish this post: “Georgia on my mind” which would have been better named “A rainy night in Georgia” except I’m now in Tennessee.

8:28 pm--I get a FISH TEXT, a picture of a fish with no text. This text is of a nice catfish. It’s from Buttermilk (Buttermilk is my fishing buddy).  
I figure Buttermilk has been fishing while I was in Atlanta and he must have caught this catfish yesterday. I texted back this message at 8:30 pm:
“Nice, 3 lb Blue Cat? Where did you catch him?”

8:32 pm--“Shutes branch. No light. Forgot lantern gas. It’s raining, a lot.”

Hmmm, Buttermilk is fishing at nearly 9:00 pm, on a Saturday night, in thunderstorms without lights! For most folks this would be a predicament, but not Buttermilk. I thought for a minute-- A lot of folks fish at night, a few folk’s fish in the rain, a couple of folk’s fish without lights, but I don’t know anyone that would do all three at the same time for very long. That’s Buttermilk! Now, what to text back? Need Gas or You are a fool, fishing or You are a Fishing Fool, I finally decided on this message. 

8:34 pm “Buttermilk, you are a true fisherman”

What’s in your woods, river, lake or bay? Get away from the little screen and get on a big stream!!!!! 


Buttermilk jr. said...

I'm going out there again tomorrow. Gonna float the yak over in the no wake and catch bait until it gets dark and then hook another one! Rain or shine!

Baitrageous said...

Don't forget lantern gas and a raincoat!