Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trout and Such!

Yesterday, I went to the Land & Wildlife Expo at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tn. Boy were there a lot of Good OL’ Boys, Good OL’ Girls, and general southern folk just like me roaming around, even Jeff Foxworthy. 
You know you’re a Redneck when you see Jeff Foxworthy at a hunting show. That must make me a redneck! Anyway, the show was fine except I overheard a few folks comment on there being too much plot planting focus and not enough hunting/wildlife focus.
I did talk to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency about the scheduled trout restocking in Tennessee lake/rivers this winter. Fortunately, this year there are no major budget cuts to speak of and the re-stocking program will be normal. However, the agent indicated that next year the two federal hatcheries in Tennessee may be closed or reduced in output due to budget constraints. This could severely impact trout fishing in Tennessee. This winter I plan on being at a lake when they restock so I can take some photos, may be my last chance.

I just had to draw a comic about Trout as you will see. I almost didn’t post it, but what the heck. Please forgive me.
In addition, as some may know, a few weeks ago me and Buttermilk (fishing buddy) tried to push my yak through Bubba (Bubba’s my SUV). We found out that a windshield will stop a kayak every time, CRACK. The crack started out about 2” in diameter and has grown to about 12”. The wifey was kind of getting up-set looking through glass in the sunshine that would out sparkle her diamond. So it was time. You know how much a good bug shield cost? Well, I will tell you, $217.00 but they do come to your home. Oh yea, what's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind right before he hits your windshield? His Butt!! HEE!  HEE! Hope you enjoyed.

What’s in your woods, river, lake or bay? Get away from the big screen and get on a big stream!

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