Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The White Coyote

He won’t swim after a duck or fetch a stick or come when you call him. He likes to sleep on the porch and will only play when he is ready. He will meet you at the door with a mean purr and a long hard nudge with his head, all humped up like a Halloween cat while rubbing against your leg. Being an outdoor animal, Mother Nature wasn't kind to him. His marking was that of a cup of coffee that had been barely stirred, white and light brown. Mice and chipmunks were safe around this cat. In the woods he stuck out like a white paper plate. I never found evidence that he had caught a rodent, but it wasn't for trying. 
His name was Creamy and was named by my 15 year old. Creamy was born in 2006 to a feral cat that was hanging around our house. With much pressure from the family, I went along with their desire to take them in as our cats. I have never been much of a cat person and always preferred dogs, but Creamy helped me warm up to cats. 
We haven’t seen any sign of Creamy in about six days. Lately, our other outdoor cat has been very skittish and cautious, almost ghost like. Occasionally I see Coyotes in the area. Yesterday I spoke with our neighbors and they reported seeing a very light, almost white Coyote the size of a Husky hanging around near their house. Also they have spotted two other smaller Coyotes. 
Hmmmm…… a large white Coyote caught on my critter cam near our house? I walked in the woods this morning. I am looking for something. To Be Continued……………….


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

"His marking was that of a cup of coffee that had been barely stirred, white and light brown"...never heard a description like that but I love it.

Good luck in them there woods!

Baitrageous said...

How bout that. I will have good luck in there woods, Bullets.