Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who brings 100 pairs of shoes to a wilderness?

Why do you bring 100 pairs of shoes on a trip, a trip to a 13,000 acre wilderness on the Cumberland Plateau? 

Before I attempt to answer this question, let’s take a look around this wilderness. 
It has mountains that overlook the beautiful Tennessee country side.
There’s much wildlife that roams the domain.
Lakes, creeks and many miles of trails honeycomb this wilderness.

So who would bring so many shoes to the wilderness? It’s obviously a female and you know how y'all are. It’s my daughter. She is going off to college and we delivered her to Sewanee: The University of the South. The college is located in Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau in the middle of 13,000 acres of a natural paradise. Here she is headed to lunch and a few other pictures.

I have no answer to why she is bringing 100 pairs of shoes. I do remember once that my wife brought 8 pairs of shoes for a two day trip. This calculates to 4 pair of shoes per day. Callie will be there 240 days which calculates to much less than 1 pair of shoes per day. Wow, this makes me feel better. Just think it could have been worse (240 days X 4 pair per day = 960 pair). Anyway, we got to adventure a bit on the 13,000 acre domain and I must say, it is very beautiful and can’t wait until fall rolls around.

CAT UPDATE: Our cat with “Bobcat tick disease” is doing OK right now. We are giving him an herb medicine that has shown some success against this dreadful disease. Only 3% of all cats live without any medication and only 25%-30% with medication.


Jay said...

I've heard the Sewanee campus is very beautiful. I didn't know it was such a large nature preserve. I hope kitty recovers.

Baitrageous said...

Yeah, I think Sewanee is the second largest campus in the states. Kitty is still hanging in their. Thanks

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

My fingers are crossed for kitty.

My daughter is starting her senior year at Belmont this year... try moving those 100 pair of shoes from Delaware to Tennessee...THREE TIMES! I'm a girl and it confused me! haha

Baitrageous said...

Hey, my daughter almost went to Belmont, great school. We know a few freshman that are going there. They were Callie's H.S. classmates. Your daughter is a long way from home and I hope she doesn't get home sick. Good Luck!