Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Georgia on my mind! Part 2

This is part 2 of the last post, Georgia on my mind, where the family and I  traveled to Atlanta for an action packed trip. Not a trip fishing, but a trip to a fishing store!

I have been wanting to visit an Orvis store (it's a premier outdoor store for you indoor types) for a while. This will be my first visit and I can't wait.  As we pulled in, you won’t believe it! In the parking lot they have parking spaces labeled “For ODS Customers Only”. Have you ever heard of ODS? At first, I thought it must be for an Orvis Designated Shopper, but that doesn't make any sense? I asked my wife if she had seen anything like that at the shoes, jewelry, dress, etc…stores and she hadn’t. 
I went in and just had to ask about the sign. I was told that ODS stands for Outdoor Deficit Syndrome and the parking spaces are for those who suffer from this syndrome. A syndrome in which an individual prefers to spend all their time indoors in front of a screen rather than being in the Great Outdoors on an adventure. Yes, it is sad. The spaces are located near the door to help the ODS folks get inside so we can help them. Metaphorically speaking, sometimes you must go inside to get outside! After I heard this I quickly ran out of the store--To move my car. Hopefully, you have figured out that this was a joke and Orvis doesn’t have such parking spaces. Just a little humor! 

For real, the Orvis store was very nice. A river stone fireplace was the main focus. The shop had lots of top quality gear that included a fly shop, dog supplies, outdoor clothing and gear . I did see the wife eyeing a nice, big dog bed. Hmmm, not sure why because we don't have a dog? Anyway, the sales folks were friendly and knowledgeable. In fact, I spoke to an associate named Drew about kayaking for a while and yes, I did make a purchase. I bought an Orvis cap. It’s nice to see an outdoor store successfully competing against indoor companies. I learned that there's 50 stores around the country and hope that Nashville will have one soon.
After finishing everyone's agenda, the Mall, the Container store, Ikea, and the American girl doll shop, etc...we headed back to Nashville and to the ten acre woods. 

Is it good luck when a moth is at the door? When we arrived home we were greeted by this little feller on our door step. It is an Imperial Moth. I have seen only a few and it's always around the summer time. They feed on broad leaf foliage and are only East of the Rockies. 
Unfortunately, they are becoming rare because they hang around artificial lights too long and are eaten by birds. 

The trip was over and I opened the door to go indoors, hope you enjoyed. Remember: What’s in Your woods, river, lake or bay? Don’t get ODS so get outside! 


Jay said...

Sounds like overall a nice trip. Isn't it funny that sometimes you have to go inside to get outside? We gotta have our outdoor gear! Very cool moth too.

Baitrageous said...

Thanks Jay!