Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today, a walk in the Winter Woods!

After the two inches of snow that we received last night, I awoke this morning, took my camera and walked in the woods and fields around the 10 acre woods. It was a wonderful snow fall that collected on every branch, twig or crevice. A few animals were out as noted by the tracks in the snow and they appeared to be predators.  
    These Robins were grouped together perched on snowy limbs. They were so interested in the clumps of small seeds. 
  I'm not sure of the type of plant (Sumac?), but the Robins were munching hardily. I wonder why this food is still available at such a late time of year. It could be that food is so scarce; the Robins must eat the less desirable food. It seems nature provides, even in adverse conditions. I did a little research and found sumac seeds are an important source of food for Robins and others. They stay on the plant for a long time. This makes them an excellent emergency food for birds throughout the winter and beyond.
A snow covered cedar tree doing an impression of a beautiful Christmas tree.
The road to nowhere. This is an old logging road that just ends. If you're going to end, make it a pretty end.
Animal tracks, too small to be Coyote and too large to be Cat, maybe Fox? If the weather is clear tonight, I will place my motion detector camera here tonight and see what's in these woods. 
The beauty of nature, remember "What's in your woods!"

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