Saturday, February 12, 2011

What do you call a small Turkey chasing a Big Turkey?

"Chubby Chaser" That's what I call it. A few weeks ago I got a great photo of these two Turkeys and couldn't resist putting it on the blog.  I wasn’t sure what to title this picture, but I think I nailed it. Wow, what a Butter Ball. This Turkey could feed a village.
Can you tell which Turkey is the chubby chaser? If you look closely enough you can see Tom's beard, which is a clump of hair sticking out of its chest. This indicates male, which chubby does not have, indicating female. Hope you laughed and Remember: "What's in your woods"

Critter Cam Up-date: Operation Fox Photo
Critter Cam (for those who don't know, is a digital camera with a motion detector and night night vision that I put out to capture animal pictures) has been out for a few days, and no fox, no animal, no squirrel, nothing has come around critter cam, not even a bird. So, the Fox pee is not working. Maybe it is the weather or the fox pee scares away everything, not sure. I will keep it out a few more days and maybe I will have better luck on Valentine’s Day.

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