Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking Like a Fox

Yesterday, I took my bottle of Fox urine and Critter Cam to the woods with the goal of photographing a Red Fox. I found an ideal spot with tracks in the snow about 20ft from a tree that would be a great place to attach Critter Cam. I placed Critter Cam on the tree, pointing to the trail. 
Thinking like a Fox, I found a small shrub that's a perfect spot for a Red Fox to hike or squat. My thinking is that Mr. fox will be sniffing out the fake trespasser and will zero in to the shrub while Critter Cam takes the perfect photo. I very carefully took out my bottle of Fox urine also known as Fox valentine perfume, which has a handy dandy spray nozzle on top. I sprayed the small shrub like you would if you had a can of bathroom deodorizer and just finished letting off a stink bomb in your first dates, bathroom.  
Unfortunately for me, I had gloves on and some of the spray ran down the bottle. I guess you could say I Fox Peed on myself, Dang it! Well anyway, all is set, so I hiked back home. Arriving home, I open the door and was attacked by Cremey, Gray, Stormy, and Kibble the cats. Dang Fox urine! In the next few days I will check back to see if I met my goal, Red Fox photo. Cross your fingers! 

About Critter Cam: Critter cam is a 6.0 mega pixel, digital camera with a motion detector and infrared flash for night pictures. It can take either still or motion pictures without the animal even knowing it's there. 

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