Friday, February 4, 2011


I just bought a bottle of perfume and on the back of the bottle it says: "DANGER, Do not apply to your body or clothing, you may be attacked”. Boy I can't wait. This stuff is only suppose to attract the prettiest Foxes. I opened the bottle and took a whiff. “WOW, smells like a hot summer day, in the men’s restroom, at a tractor pull, that serves cheap beer, Pee-u”. Did I say Foxes!  You see, I plan to have a photo shoot to capture a picture of the prettiest Fox. The perfume came in a nice dark brown bottle and is 100% money-back guaranteed to attract foxes!  Anyway, I think Fox perfume (which is really Fox urine also known as pee) will help me capture that perfect Fox picture in the woods. I know one thing; this stuff is hard to get off. I spilled a little on me, in which Ajax and Bounty wouldn't even get off. Our cats Gray, Smokey, Creamy and Kibble smell this stuff out no matter where I put it. Why are they so interested? Dang, for all I know they put cat urine in this little brown bottle. I did spray a little on Creamy the cat and he went in to the woods. You know I haven’t seen Creamy in a day……I wonder what happened to him, just kidding.

I plan on using my motion detector camera with the Fox urine to attract Foxes and get a good photo. However, I’m not sure if it’s male or female Fox pee? I bet its female pee because I think this would attract more foxes because of the hike or squat thing. There’s usually more hiking than squatting, so squatting is done less often which would make it more interesting to the foxes, I think, or it could be as simple as male Foxes just like to be around female foxes for some reason. Anyhow, I think I have a 100% chance of getting a Fox picture by Valentines. Stay tuned and PEE-UUUUU……….

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